high resolution details

The Surface Imperfection scans contain microscopic levels of detail, allowing for unprecedented up-close detail. Every dust grain and every scratch is clearly resolved, and even the individual ridges of the fingerprints have visible details.



full dynamic range

All scans were captured with no clipping in the blacks or whites, so that even the small, super bright details are never blown out. In addition, everything was scanned and processed in full 16-bit, leaving plenty of room for adjustments.

Seamless tiling

Every texture was tiled by carefully wrapping the natural continuation of the scan back over itself, so that there are no clone stamping artifacts. Masking and adjustments were done by hand to ensure perfect seamless tiling. 



complex effects

The Surface Imperfection maps open up for some very advanced shading techniques. For example, the fingerprint and smudge textures can be used as anisotropy rotation/orientation maps for a realistic look, that more accurately emulates how highlights are stretched across fingerprints on glossy surfaces.

ambiguous scaling

The scans were made of surfaces between 10 and 30 centimeters wide, but can be used creatively at much larger scales, because of their organic nature.

I have used them for everything from smartphone displays, to cars, to buildings and even large scale landscapes.