Surface Imperfections Vol 1

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  • 52 tiled textures

  • + 5 bonus textures

  • 4K resolution

  • 16bit uncompressed TIF

  • Includes the raw scans!

The Surface Imperfections Volume 1 library by David Gruwier is the original collection of 50+ premium tiled textures, featuring a mix of scratches, dust specs, smudges, fingerprints, hairs, residue, isolated fingerprints and even full palm print, all scanned from real surfaces and meticulously tiled.

Files are delivered in 4096x4096 16bit TIFF, and there are optional 2k 8bit tiff and a 4k 8bit jpeg versions included as well.



Unique to this pack, the raw, unprocessed 6K+ full color scans are also included as an optional download. These constitute a useful texture library in and of themselves.



Also included is a full lesson by Grant Warwick of Mastering CGI, demonstrating how to use Surface Imperfection to create advanced, highly realistic materials for professional CGI work. Grant covers all the basics you need to know to make the most of this library.