All products available on the Surface Imperfections website are sold with a commercial license:


You can:

  • Use the textures in commercial 3D or 2D computer graphics projects such as movies, animations, computer games and virtual reality experiences.
  • Use the textures in graphic designs for printed media and website designs

You can not:

  • Resell or redistribute the textures (modified or unmodified) as a competing product. For example, as textures, or bundled with material presets, shaders, or as brushes for digital painting or sculpting software.
    • Bundling the textures with a 3D model is allowed if the textures have been projected or painted onto the unwrapped 3D model, and are not available in their original, tilable format. In other cases, written permission is required.
  • Use the textures in software or games released under an Open Source license.


All purchases of Surface Imperfections products are made through the Gumroad platform, and as such, their terms and conditions apply.